Los Angeles's KBLA Has A New Voice on Its Radio Airways


Only when God and the universe conspire together on your behalf do you receive an opportunity that aligns so strategically with your life's calling that you are left completely mesmerized.

On August 9, 2021, I interviewed the legendary broadcast journalist, Tavis Smiley about his new radio station. Six weeks later, I received a call from Mr. Smiley saying, in part, "I'd like to offer you your own show where you interview writers about writing." My initial thought as I reflected on my long standing love affair with words and books and stories: 
Are you serious, God? My next thought:  Okay. Though intimidating, this makes so much sense.

After coming to myself, there was no question in my mind that all I had done over the last 17 years in the writing, interviewing space was responsible for God placing this blessing in my hand. Having been faithful over smaller platforms, it was easy to see how God could believe I was ready and able to step onto this larger platform.  

I am therefore beyond excited to celebrate current writers - book writers, screenplay writers, songwriters, blog writers, op-ed writers - and the person behind the pen while also encouraging aspiring writers.  

LOS ANGELES – After three months on the air, Tavis Smiley and Smiley Audio Media, Inc. are excited to announce the expanded weekend line up of KBLA Talk 1580. Familiar voices and shows joining the KBLA family include “Café Mocha,” hosted by Los Angeles hip hop icon YoYo, comedienne and talk show host Loni Love and voice actress Angelique Perrin as well as civil rights attorney Areva Martin with her new show, “Areva Martin Out Loud.” The new roster of weekend shows joins the Black Lives Matter (BLM) radio show, “This Is Not A Drill,” hosted by BLM/LA co-founder Dr. Melina Abdullah, which has been a mainstay since the launch of the station. READ MORE 


KBLA Talk 1580 makes history as the first talk radio station with an abundance of amazing Black women hosting their own shows.