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Being a kind, responsible, grateful human being is an every day goal for some and a fleeting thought for others. The truth is if establishing and maintaining a healthy system of growth were easy, everyone would be doing it; but the fact that more than 60% of Americans find it difficult to commit to routines that will improve the quality of their lives only underscores how much work we yet have to do individually and collectively. In her newest book, When We Grow, Mischa shares never before told stories of her own personal conflicts with growth, exposes shocking truths about why some (consciously and unconsciously) just flat out choose not to grow, unpacks the growth quality she adopted from President Barack Obama, and reveals the number one secret to getting closer to having the life you've always wanted. 
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"If there's a book you

want to read but it hasn't

been written yet, then

you must write it."


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"I write because I have a very intimate relationship with words, and because I understand the power of story to make our hearts, minds and souls find their common place."