Meet Mischa Duffie


MISCHA DUFFIE is a writer, coach, inspirational speaker, and radio personality with a special gift for curating meaningful conversations. As a 33-year veteran of the human service profession with a specific expertise in human behavior, Mischa has spent more than half of her life offering individuals the necessary tools to find the reason and the courage to explore the more of life.


Mischa’s professional career has involved working in the non-profit, for profit, juvenile justice, social justice, and educational sector in capacities that range from volunteer to grassroots organizer to administrator to executive management leadership roles. For 17 fruitful years, through Greatness Now®, Mischa and her team developed a reputation for providing strength-based programs and instruction that was designed to improve behavioral, emotional, and social outcomes for the over 85 corporations, educational institutions, churches, and community-based organizations they collaborated with.


As a passionate, principled, prolific writer, Mischa has published over 20 of her of own books. As the owner of Morals & Values Press (MPV), Mischa serves as publisher, ghostwriter, and coach to those with a burning desire to share their story or perspective with the world. Having decided years ago to disrupt the frustration aspiring writers contend with, Mischa and her MVP team have in fact helped many writers become published authors.


A pioneering and unconventional change agent with her finger on the pulse of a growing and diverse constituency, Mischa’s work has always been about going where need dictates. As a result, in 2005, she became the master mind behind Black Love Talk®, a Baltimore-based movement created to improve perception as well as the quality of relating between Black men and women. During its five year run, the forum welcomed more than 5,000 participants. In 2008, Mischa worked with a professional filming team to produce the inspiring DVD presentation Serve, Learn to Serve, or Move Graciously Out of the Way; for which she was the host and executive producer. In 2009, she was the visionary/lead organizer of the first ever Youth Empowerment Summit (a full scale conference) held inside the Baltimore City Detention Center.  In 2010, she co-founded the Great Girls Project, which was a community collaboration between Greatness Now®, Towson University’s Women’s Center, and Baltimore City Women’s Detention Center where female college students served as mentor-pen pals to incarcerated teen girls. In 2013, Mischa became the writer/architect of the groundbreaking curriculum and training model She Ain’t Angry for Nothin’®, an intervention and behavior modification program designed to identify, confront, and eradicate causal factors associated with anger and aggression in girls. The curriculum was used in over thirteen states around the nation.   READ MORE

"To get better, you have to first get honest."