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Second to speaking and teaching, coaching and mentoring are two of my great loves. Not only do I love coaching and mentoring because of what my coaches and mentors pour into me; I love it because of what I get to reciprocally pour into others. There is a coveted privilege associated with someone extending you an invitation to help them put their dream or despair in perspective so that they can boldly step into their more. Being blessed to work one on one with those who come and essentially say, "I trust you to hold me accountable," is a gift I greatly treasure. 

"When I was referred to Mischa Duffie, I had 'diagnosed' myself with trust issues. Through our coaching experience, Mischa helped me discover that what I really needed was to trust my gut and my God. Our time together not only taught me to respect my inner voice, but to be courageous, vulnerable, and gracious." 

Rev. Dr. Wanda Bynum Duckett, District Superintentent

Baltimore Washington Conference United Methodist Church


"God used Mischa to set free a vision and a purpose I've had for more than half of my life but struggled to fully conceptualize." 

Dr. William A. Spann, Founder

Black Male Movement


"My coaching experience with Mischa Duffie was extremely rewarding. I have gained so many nuggets and knowledge for leading a successful business and life. Her level of expertise is beyond the charts and her life is a representation of what she teaches." 

Monaye Rikard, Founder

Being Free to Love Me


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