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COVID-19 Pandemic Conversations

In March 2020, the world was struck with a global pandemic that abruptly shut everything down and everyone in. As uncertainty overwhelmed our lives and knocked the word normal out of our vocabulary, we were all in search of as much hope and inspiration as we could find. Under the influence of my youngest son, I came off of a one year break from social media and joined the chorus of inspirers who stood in the gap as a voice of hope. This page consists of some of the inspiring conversations I was blessed to engage in during the pandemic with some pretty amazing people.

Watch Child Entrepreneur Kylie Duffie Talk About Her New Lip Gloss Line
Since April of this year, I've had the honor of talking with some beautiful people. This conversation with my one and only granddaughter is no doubt the most precious of them all. At 7 years old, Kylie, who is quite the girlie girl has launched her own lip gloss line and I am beyond grateful that she chose to do her first interview with me. Listen in as she talks about her product line, why she loves make-up and what she wants all little girls to know. 

Watch Steve Vassor Talk About His Attraction to DJing and How COVID Got Him Back on the Mic

Calling someone friend doesn't mean you know everything about them. This was the reality check I had when I went on Twitter a few months ago and saw my friend of 15 years hosting a virtual cookout. Having no idea that my friend was a DJ, I needed to talk about the joy he brings us every Friday @ 4 with music. 

Watch South African Freelance Artist Sarah Dahir Talk About Her Love for Drawing and What Surprised Her
We all have a gift and when I saw Sarah's gift, in the form of her beautiful illustrations, on her Instagram account I needed to know more about the woman behind the art and how she chooses her warm color palette. I learned those things and so much more in our conversation. 

Inspiring Conversations with Black Men

To honor the life of George Floyd, who was gruesomely murdered by a white racist police officer while handcuffed on the ground, and to help give purpose to my own agonizing pain, I chose to use the week of June 1st thru June 5th to highlight Black men who use their lives to make the world a better place.

Watch Paul Coates Talk About His Journey in Black Publishing & Printing
With a desire to put books about people of African descent into the hands of people of African descent, Paul Coates founded Black Classic Press in 1978. He is an institution unto himself and in his conversation with Mischa he opens the doors and welcomes us to learn about the African American experience in the publishing and printing industry.

Watch USC's Dr. Alan Green Talk About the Pan-Rebellion & Gratitude

In the midst of two competing viruses, Mischa and Dr. Green discuss taking care of ourselves in the pan-rebellion and how his mother's last actions before her passing fills him with gratitude.

Watch Andwele and Kumasi Talk About the Journey to Becoming the Best Version of Yourself As a Man

Mischa talks with two of Baltimore's finest gentlemen about the global unrest following George Floyd's murder, the pandemic and the mantras that keep them centered.

Watch Charles Bibbs Talk About His Journey to Becoming a World Renowned Artist

A proclaimed "Keeper of the Culture," Charles Bibbs discusses the times we find ourselves in, his journey to become an acclaimed artist, how The Cosby Show influenced Black art, and why he mentors up and coming artists. 

More Inspiring Conversations

Watch Randi Pupkin Talk About the Black Man Who Inspired Her 6 Year Old Call to Serving
Most 6 year olds are too busy playing with friends to notice what's going on in the world. Not the case for Randi Pupkin. It was a trip with her father to a 1968 protest in Baltimore that inspired this lawyer turned founder of the non-profit Art With a Heart to use her life in service to others.

Watch James Green Talk About Love, Dating & Relationships for Millennials During COVID-19

Sheltering in place for many single individuals has, in some cases, meant reflecting on their relationship status. Mischa and James talk about the his book, his passion for all things relationships and his commitment to self love.

Watch Karen Johnson Talk About the Hidden Blessings of COVID-19's E-Learning Saga

Without warning COVID-19 hit turning living rooms into classrooms and parents into teachers. Mischa and Principal Karen Johnson discuss innovative ways families can make their time together work to their advantage.

Watch Vaughn Bratcher Talk About the Gift of Music in Chaotic Times

One of the beauties of music is its calming, healing, joyful properties. Mischa and Vaughn discuss the importance of music to get us through tough times.

Watch Cheryl Grace Talk About Bite Sizing Our Way Through Tasks and the Blessing of Mentors

As responsibilities seem never ending during this pandemic, Mischa and Cheryl discuss how strategy and mentors can be instrumental in helping us navigate our way.

Watch  Alexander Watson Talk About Depression & Anxiety in the Era of COVID-19

With calls to suicide hotlines rising, in some instances, by as much as 8,000 percent from February to March 2020, Mischa and Alexander discuss holding on to hope when hopelessness appears to be a dominating presence.

Watch Bishop William Spann Talk About How Pastors & Churches Must Respond Creatively to Coronavirus

Social distancing restrictions physically separated pastors from their parishioners and parishioners from their churches, Mischa and Bishop Spann explore how pastors must meet this moment with faith . . . and a lot of creativity.

"You're allowed to say, "I don't know," and you're allowed to ask for as much time as you need until you do know."


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