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Host of The Back Story on KBLA TALK 1580

Mischa with veteran broadcast journalist Michaela Pereira during their conversation on April 30, 2022 at KBLA.


"Women Who Lift Us Higher"

Dorothy Gilliam.jpg

Dorothy Gilliam

First African American Female Reporter for The Washington Post
March 4th

Ariyan Johnson.jpg

Ariyan Johnson

UC Irvine Dance Historian
March 4th

Robyn Gardenhire.jpg

Robyn Gardenhire

City Ballet of LA Founder & Artistic Director
March 4th

Robin Ayers.heic

Robin Ayers

Host of The RA Report
on KBLA TALK 1580

March 11th

Violet Apple.jpg

Violet Apple

First African American CEO of Girls Scouts of Central Maryland
March 18th

Cynthia - WHM.png

Cynthia Heard

First Female COO of Los Angeles Urban League
March 25th


Melody McCloud, MD

Author of Black Women's Wellness
March 25th

To know me is to know that I love, love, love sisterhood. Not only has my career afforded me the opportunity to teach, mentor, coach and speak to women around the globe, my life is saturated with amazing women who adore me as much as I adore them. And as often as possible I like to find myself in their presence, being warmed by their bright light and refreshing energy. To this end, I am over the moon about my "Women Who Lift Us Higher" series premiering March 4th on KBLA TALK 1580. Join me each Saturday in the month of March as I engage in joy-filled, soul-stirring conversations with 7 brilliant and influential women. Click on my guests' picture to learn more about them and their impressive body of work. Click here to listen to our conversation in real time on the designated date.

(Scroll below to see Mischa's Gallery of previous guests.)

Mischa and Tavis in Studio.jpg

Mischa with Tavis Smiley at the start of their conversation on January 15, 2022 at KBLA.

Only when God and the universe conspire together on your behalf do you receive an opportunity that aligns so strategically with your life's calling that you are left completely mesmerized.

After being assigned the cover story for the Fall 2021 issue of Suite Life SoCal Magazine, I had the honor of interviewing the legendary broadcast journalist Tavis Smiley on August 9, 2021 about his new radio station. Six weeks later, I received a call from Mr. Smiley saying in part, "I'd like to offer you your own show where you interview writers about writing." My initial thought as I reflected on my long standing love affair with words and books and stories: Are you serious, God? My next thought: Okay. Though intimidating, this makes so much sense.

After coming to myself, there was no question in my mind that all I had done over the last 17 years in the writing, interviewing space was responsible for God placing this blessing in my hand. Having been faithful over small platforms, it was easy to see how God could believe I was ready to step onto this larger platform.

My inaugural show on KBLA TALK 1580 was October 2, 2021. In October 2022, my show was renewed for a second year. I must say I am having the most amazing time meeting and being in conversation with some of the most beautiful people. READ MORE

Visit KBLA TALK 1580 at

KBLA Talk 1580 makes history as the first talk radio station with 17+ amazing Black women hosting or co-hosting their own show.


Mischa with  Tracy Grant and Katrina Nelson, creators  of the hit show LACE. Streaming on ALLBLK.


Mischa and Ellie in studio.jpg

Click on image to view a clip of the conversation.


"Mischa, you belong on television. You're too beautiful for radio. Not to mention you'd be really great for TV."


Talent Manager & Film Producer


Mischa with G.No Venus.jpg


Click on image to view a clip of the conversation.



"I would rather flirt with failure than never dance with my joy."

Mischa's KBLA Guest Gallery

I can't even begin to explain the joy that fills my soul from curating meaningful conversations with beautiful people. Listening, probing, exploring perspectives, asking questions that walk us through the hallways of one's back story is beyond gratifying. Meet those I've had the pleasure of being in conversation with by clicking on their photo.

Warren Leight.jpg
Warren Leight
Stacy Spikes
Author & Co-founder of Movie Pass
Rodney P..jpg
Rodney Perry
Comedian & Actor
Alex Morris.jpg
Alex Morris
Ivan Bates
Baltimore City
State's Attorney
Gregg Daniel
Actor & Theater Director
Jonathan Slavin.jpg
Jonathan Slavin
Veronica Hendrix.webp
Veronica Hendrix
Pantry Chef
Gary Phillips
Author of South
Central Noir
Gary Phillips.jpg
Austin Highsmith.jpg
Austin Highsmith
G.NO Venus
Singer & Songwriter
Devyn Bakewell.jpg
Devyn Bakewell
Author of Greater Love and Greater Life
C.J. Lindsey.jpg
C. J. Lindsey
Kathleen Troy (2).jpg
Kathleen Troy
Author & Animal Enthusiast
Yona Deshommes.jpg
Yona Deshommes
Founder of Riverchild Media
Jonathan Sandville
President & CEO 
V. Roberts.jpg
Virgil Roberts
Attorney & Co-founder of AABLI
Iona Morris Jackson (1).JPG
Iona Morris
Actress & Director
Tabitha Brown.jpg
Tabitha Brown
Actress & New York Times Bestselling Author
Joshua Daniels.jpg
Matt Orduna.jpg
Matt Orduna
Rev. Joshua Daniels
Senior Pastor,
Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church
Luenell (2).jpg
Edwonda White.jpg
Edwonda White
Chrysta Bilton.jpg
Chrysta Bilton
Author of Normal Family
Dr. Gardere.jpg
Dr. Jeff Gardere
America's Psychologist & National Correspondent
Chef Babette.jpg
Chef Babette
Chef & Co-Owner of Stuff I Eat
Nina Harawa.jpg
Dr. Nina Harawa
Professor at David Geffen School of Medicine
Malik Mahummad
Owner of
Malik Books
LaKetta Caldwell.jpg
LaKetta Caldwell
Author of Khloe's
Beautiful Blues
Don Amiche (3).jpg
Don Amice
Host of Don Amice vs Everybody plus Crysta & Kiara

Jeshana Johnson.jpg
Dr. Jeshana Johnson
Psychologist & Host of Let's Get Intimate
Danny Morrison.jpg
Danny Morrison
Host of The Danny Morrison Show

Tia Timpson
Stroke Survivor
Keon Gerow.jpg
Rev. Keon Gerow
Founder of Catalyst Church
Kiara Imani (2).jpg
Kiara Imani
Author of Therapy Isn't Just for White People
Courtney Nichole
Lead Actor of Mommie & Clyde
Alretha Thomas
Writer and Producer of Mommie & Clyde
Carrie Keller (2).jpg
Carrie Keller
Owner of Life
Omar Sharif Jr.
Actor and Author of A Tale of Two Omars
Dakotah Faunteroy.jpg
Dakotah Faunteroy
Award Winning Ballet Daner
Nate Holden (2).jpg
Nate Holden
Retired California State Senator
Farajii Muhammad
Host of The Culture
Mike Newhouse high quality photo meeno-mike-newhouse-2022-039 2.JPEG
Mike Newhouse
LA City Council Candidate
Tracy Allen (2).jpg
Tracy Allen
Life Coach
Leanetta Jessie (2).jpg
Wanda Duckett.jpg
Leanetta Jessie
Juvenile Justice Advocate
Wanda Bynum Duckett
Former Pastor & Poet
Imani Kaliid.png
Imani Kallid
Author of There Was Violence
Michaela of FOX 2 (2).jpg
Michaela Pereira
Good Day LA Morning Host
Bryant Odega.jpg
Bryant Odega
LA City Council Candidate
Anthony Sparks (2).jpg
Anthony Sparks
Writer, Producer and   Showrunner of Queen Sugar, Seasons 1-6
Tiauna Jackson.jpg
Tiauna Jackson
Founder of The Jackson Agency
Lynne Durbin.jpg
Lynne Durbin
Retired Attorney turned Political Activist
Shanarra Owens_edited_edited.png
Shanarra Owens
Owner of The Peekabook
Viyae McWhite.jpg
Viyae McWhite
Founder of Pursuing My Story Mentoring Group
Tim Todd.jpg
Tim Todd
Author of The Moral & Social Force
William Spann.jpg
Dr. William A. Spann
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
kiki Finley.jpg
Kiki Finley
CEO of Point Blank
Tracey's Michae'l Lewis-Giggetts.jpg
Tracey Lewis-Giggetts
Author of Black Joy
Devorah Cutler Rubenstein.jpg
Elizabeth Lopez.jpg
Elizabeth Lopez
Co-Author of Dating Your Character
Devorah Rubenstein
Co-Author of Dating Your Character
Marilyn Atlas 1.jpg
Marilyn Atlas
Co-Author of Dating Your Character
Lynne Twist.jpeg
Lynne Twist
Author of The Soul of Money
Tia & J.jpg
Jason & Tia Owens
Teacher & Social Worker
Robert Murphy.jpg
Robert Murphy
CEO of Comprehensive Discipline Solutions
Patrice McKenzie (2).jpg
Lorraine (3).jpg
Lorraine Adams
Pulitzer Prize Writer
Patrice Marshall McKenzie
Social Justice Advocate
Malina Moye (2).jpg
Malina Moye
World Famous Guitarist
Michael Phillips (2).jpg
Michael Phillips
Author of Wrong Lanes Have Right Turns
Sherlonda Hamilton (2).jpg
Tavis Smiley.jpg
Sherlonda Hamilton
Founder of Pretty Lady Mobile Hair Salon
Tavis Smiley
Owner of KBLA 1580
Letitia Clark (2).jpg
Letitia Clark
Author of Mommy is the Mayor
Tracy Grant.jpg
Tracy Grant
Co-Creator of LACE
Katrina Nelson.jpg
Katrina Nelson
Co-Creator of LACE
Lavar Jacobs (2).jpg
Lavar Jacobs
CEO of Not Just October
Karen Jackson.jpg
Karen Jackson
CEO of Sisters Network Inc.
John Brothers (2).jpeg
John Brothers
President of T Rowe Price Foundation
Jennifer Vassel (2).jpeg
Jennifer Vassel
Author of I Am Unique
Jason Mott.jpg
Jason Mott
Winner of 2021 Book Award for Fiction
James Green - Colored.jpg
Wyllisa Bennett.jpg
J. E. Green
Author of I Am Love
Wyllisa Bennett
CEO of WRB Public Relations Firm
Bridgett Holden.jpg
Bridgett Holden
Founder of She Bridges PR
Zeus Benitez (2).jpg
Tobyus Green.jpg
Don Welch.jpg
Zeus Benitez
Actor in Baby Girl
Tobyus Green
Actor in Baby Girl
Don B. Welch
CEO of Don B. Welch Productions
Cheryl Williamson (2).jpg
Cheryl Williamson
Author of Soul Reborn
Jon Gordon (2).jpg
Jon Gordon
Author of The Energy Bus
Anne-Lyse (2).jpg
Anne-Lyse Wealth
Author of Dream of Legacy
Dr. Roger Davis
President of Community College of Beaver County
Ellie Diop (2).jpg
Ellie Diop
Money and Branding Coach
Cheryl Grace (2).jpg
Cheryl Grace
CEO of Powerful Penny
Sarah Harris (2).jpg
Sarah Harris
CEO of Suite Life SoCal Magazine

In-Studio Post Show Archives

Mischa and Tavis.jpg
Debut Show 1.jpg
Mischa and Letitia.jpg
Don and Guys.jpg
Mischa and Ellie.jpg
Me and Malina.jpg
Me and Katrina.jpg
Mischa and Jennifer 3.jpg
Mischa and Patricia.jpg
Mischa with Publicists.jpg
Mischa and Kiki.jpg

Resources from Mischa's Guests

Free Gift from Lynne.jpg

FREE GIFT from Lynne Twist
3 steps to MONEY forgiveness

Freedom From the Money Culture
by Lynne Twist

from mistakes to magic.jpg

From Mistakes to Magic
by Lynne Twist

Black Banking Book.jpg

Click the cover to download your FREE copy.

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Click the cover to download your FREE copy.

"The hardest thing you will ever do is trust yourself."


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