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The Courage to Converse Decently

Whether it's the newest Monique vs Netflix spat. Or the resurfaced Megan Kelly vs Jane Fonda spat. Or the ongoing Democrats vs the Republicans spat. Or the disgraceful Donald Trump vs the rest of the world spat, it is clear that decent, honorable conversation is not at the top of everyone's priority list.

Apparently, very few care about the high road. More than anything, everybody just wants to be right. But the reality is no one is right about everything all the time. And guess what? Not being right isn't the end of the world. In fact, if we are open, a different perspective could actually be the beginning of a learning opportunity that could prove beneficial.

One of the things I have grown to love about good conversations with smart, thinking, open minded people is the conversation's ability to make me see something in a way I perhaps never saw it; or have me think of something in a way I never thought of it.

With maturity, we can develop a genuine appreciation for the value of someone else's perspective. And even if at the end of the day we end up not agreeing with their perspective, we can still leave that moment appreciating the opportunity to hear what matters to someone else and equally thankful that someone else cared about what matters to us.

I realize that this is not the prevailing sentiment floating around offices, news cycles and social media these days. I understand that more often than not our culture is such that people plant their feet in their ideology or philosophy or conviction and refuse to be moved; but I wonder if anyone is paying attention to how our stubbornness is dividing us. I wonder if anyone has noticed that our selfishness is causing us to not even hear or care what the other person is saying. I wonder if we see how inappropriately short fused and ignorantly short sighted we are becoming.

Unfortunately, too many of us are being guided by our insecurities rather than our humanity. Our words come forth from a place of fear rather than a place of fellowship. But may I remind us that listening can be life changing. Having the courage to engage in conversations with decency and respect can be all things liberating.

So think about the conversations you're having. Think about how you approach the conversation. Think about the energy and temperament you bring to the conversation. Think about your motives and intentions. Remember to listen more than you talk. Remember to shut judgement down as it raises its ugly head. Learn how to manage yourself when the other person chooses to be less than their best. Pay attention to those who have learned the art of engaging in conversations decently, i.e. President Barack Obama.

I believe that how we talk to each other matters. And I also believe that if each of us take responsibility for being more thoughtful conversationalist, the energy circulating throughout the world would not feel so heavy nor create such anxiety. With my whole heart, I love you!

I am Mischa. I am an inspirer. I am a mother. I am a grandmother. I am also a human capital investor who takes great pride in helping individuals actualize their dreams. If in the Baltimore area, I invite you to join me on Friday, January 26th for my Book Signing & Send Off Celebration. Click here to access the invitation and to learn more about my eye opening new book The Silent Confidence Killer. If not in the Baltimore area, click here to order your copy of The Silent Confidence Killer today.

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