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Mischa Talks with Alexander Watson About Depression, Anxiety & Suicide

This week in the news, it was reported that calls into Suicide and Help Hotlines went up by 8,000%. You read that right. Not 80%. Not 800%. But 8,000%. According to the Orange County Register, Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services Center in Los Angeles took 22 COVID-19 related calls in February, and one month later, in March, that number skyrocketed to 1,800 calls. To say that people are mentally, emotionally and psychologically struggling is an understatement.

This struggle; this internal warring is exacerbated when you talk about people of color. And exacerbated to yet another level when you talk about men, in particular, Black men. In this blog post, I'm grateful to share with you my conversation with Alexander Watson. He is my friend but more importantly, he is a proud, spiritually grounded Black man from Baltimore, Maryland who serves in the community, serves at his church, and has learned to swim against the current of anxiety and depression when the waters thereof are most choppy and unpredictable.

Mischa's Conversation with Alexander Watson

Below are two articles that speak in more detail to what Al and I talk about in our conversation. I share these articles not to promote data or to incite fear. Rather, I share them because too often people are afraid of or tend to ignore what they do not understand. May I remind you that just because you may not struggle with depression, anxiety or suicidal thoughts today, does not mean you are exempt from showing compassion to or having empathy for those that do.

"Manning Up" Can Often Bring Men Down

Click here to read the article.

Half Of Americans Suffering Mental Health Issues During Coronavirus, New Poll Shows

Click here to read the article.

Please stay safe and centered.

With Overflowing Gratitude,


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