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Meet the Moment With Something Better

This morning while lying in bed, I opened my eyes, thanked God for the blessing of a new day, and was suddenly hit with the weightiness of the country's current anxiety. In that moment I had a choice to make. I could either lean into the weightiness, or I could transition my spirit to meet the moment with something better. Exercising my power to choose, I pulled up the liquid mind channel on Pandora, closed my eyes and entering into a twenty minute meditation.

After the meditation was over I allowed the meditation music to continue as the vibrational force echoing throughout my home while I prepared to ready myself for the day's activities. As I was getting myself together, God said to me, "You're an inspirer. Since you're so concerned about how people are doing. And since you think there needs to be as much of an effort to comfort the public as there is to inform the public, why are you so silent? Why aren't you using your gift and your voice to be the presence of comfort you want to see?"

Completely convicted, I got still. Gathered my thoughts. Grabbed my laptop and accepted God's challenge. As an inspirer I want to first say to you everything is already alright. Moments of hysteria are as common as time. History is riddled with unexpected events that have shaken us to our core. History is also filled with one record after another of how we made it through such events. Here we are again. And just like in the past, we will all be fine.

I then want to encourage you to exercise an abundance of caution in your consumption of information. Being informed is