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6 Ways to Powerful Living

It's another Wednesday, and here we are at our weekly meet up, otherwise known as The Courageous Life Blog. As difficult as last week's blog was to write, I am grateful for the extent to which my transparency resonated with so many of you. It meant a lot to hear from you. Thanks for taking a few minutes to courageously share your stories and thoughts with me.

In the spirit of pressing forward, what I love about life is if we keep going; if we refuse to give up or give in; if we commit to experiencing a different feeling than the one we don't like, the universe will honor our commitment. Something new will show up. A better feeling will arise, and we will be on our way to living a happier experience.

This happened to me last week. By the time Saturday came, the pain had lifted. My heart was not as heavy. I felt stronger. I felt encouraged. I was ready to take on the weekend. I was ready to have a nice time doing something that stirred my joy. And that's exactly what I did. Everywhere I went and in everything I did, I could feel my joy rising.

This weekend was a sweet reminder of the power we have to shift our atmosphere. For this power I am most grateful, because the reality is there is nothing I dislike more than being sad or unhappy. My natural inclination is always toward laughter, and happiness, and joy. I am at my best when I am smiling and when I am able to make someone else smile.