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Celebrating Women Everywhere

Today is the 7th day of Women's History Month and what an incredible time in history this is!

Women are stepping up. Women are speaking up. Women are finding their courage. Women are exposing lies, uncovering abuse and telling their stories in their own voices--without filters, without translators.

And although we as women may not be experiencing the equity we rightfully deserve, don't bet against us, because fierce movement is taking place. Uniting together in unprecedented ways, women in the U.S. and around the world are locking arms, hearts and spirits to say, "Look out world, we are coming through."

For these reasons and more I am super excited to be a woman. I am overwhelmingly grateful to be a Black woman. And I am truly honored to know so many incredibly brilliant women--some of whom have poured into me in ways I will never forget. So, ladies let's continue to stand together. Men, find a way to be a supporting force in a woman's life or a women's cause...if you aren't already doing so. Here's to women rising higher and higher!

I love you with my whole heart. Talk to you next week. Until then, let's be a force for good.


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