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If you spend most of your time reading the news, watching the news and regurgitating the news of how horrible a job Donald Trump is doing, you are totally missing your opportunity to sow seeds of harmony in the world. And you're missing your opportunity because you are preoccupied, which means your focus is either divided or consumed in a way that is not serving your greatest good.

I can speak to this because I have been guilty of giving in to the insatiable call to over indulge in the stories that never stop, in the corruption that continues to unfold, in the racism that is indisputable, and in the excuses that are very unsettling. Like many, I have binge watched MSNBC and CNN to the point of feeling completely sad and powerless. What I can also attest to is the impact this overindulgence had on my productivity. The more I watched, the less I got done. The more I listened, the less creative I was.

Then it occurred to me, "Mischa, if you don't wanna hear it, if you don't wanna see, turn the damn television off. You have the remote control. Nobody is 'making' you watch this stuff. You don't have to know every detail as it unfolds. Turn it off . . . like now! And by the way, when did you start voluntarily participating in things that aren't good for you?!"

This was my AHA! moment. This was my wake up call. I knew better, but I also had to remember to do better. Thankfully, God always has a way of supporting us when we decide to choose better. As I withdrew from the toxicity of Donald Trump focused reporting, I turned my attention to the announcements of topics and presenters for the First ever Obama Foundation Summit that President Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama held on October 31st & November 1st in their hometown of Chicago. I also watched videos highlighting the work of those who were invited to attend based upon the difference they were already making or desired to make in the world.

The Summit hosted thousands of people, from 60 countries, and all 50 states. The Summit brought world leaders, community organizers, celebrity journalists and rap artists together for the sole purpose of learning how to build stronger communities one deliberate effort at a time, but also respectfully and harmoniously.

Get this, for the nine months that Trump has been wickedly dividing us nationally and globally, the Obamas have been planning to bring the world's citizenry together. While Trump has spent the last nine months in the middle of more scandals and lies than the media can keep up with, the Obamas were working with their team strategizing how to empower the next generation of world leaders while also propping up current leaders whose energy might be waning in our current political climate. While I just had to see what Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, Anderson Cooper, and their panel of guests would say next about the impact of Donald Trump's behavior on our country, the Obamas were flying around the country meeting with would be sponsors pitching their beautiful vision.

What's my point? Ladies and gentlemen, focus is everything. Being intentional about how we use our time is important. Being about a good work is critical. And to the extent we don't like what we see taking place on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, or anywhere else for that matter, we need to incline our self to turn away from what isn't helpful to what can be helpful. I was so impacted by the Obama Foundation Summit and the revelation of how our good will only prevail over evil if we are laser focused that I tossed and turned all night. I pray this message reminds you as the Obamas reminded me . . . of your responsibility to courageously be a force for good even when so much around you is trying to steer you in another direction.

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