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Happy New Year!

2018 has arrived as promised and as we prepare for an outstanding year, below are four recommendations that I believe will help each of us in our pursuit of being a better human being. Because guess what, 2018 will not be better if you are not better. Remember, change starts on the inside and then manifests on the outside.


In 2017, I launched The Courageous Life blog. I did so primarily because I needed a reset and wanted to invite you to take the ride with me. During the last few years I experienced some painful personal and professional challenges that I allowed to cause me to shrink. Shrinking did not feel all. Why, because playing small is not what I do. Going hard and dreaming big had been my life's practice. And so starting with my 50th Birthday airplane jump, I recommitted myself to raising the stakes and taking my courage to another level. Although this "courage talk" is intimidating for most, it is a prerequisite if we intend to know the fullness of our greatness. So I encourage you to get an accountability partner, set at least one attainable goal that scares you to pieces, and take it on one small piece at a time--as my mentor, Cheryl Grace, says.


Busy is overrated. Busy is exhausting. Busy can be addictive. Busy contributes to stress and anxiety, cancer and insomnia. The worst part is busy is causing so many people to forget what's important and who is important. Stop. Be still. Get some order in your life. Get your priorities straight. If you claim to have spiritual practices that you do not practice daily or weekly, you are out of order. If you are putting your work before your family, you are out of order. If you have people in your life you call "friend" yet you have not connected with them in three or four months, you are out of order. I