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A Dream Come True

It has happened . . . yet again! I had a dream. I wondered if it was possible. I lifted my dream up to God. And He gave me the courage to bring it to bear. That said, allow me to introduce you to the brand new M Store! Through a lot of hard work and focus, what I wondered about the possibility of has become a reality. Wow!

As you visit the M Store and consider the products you might purchase, please remember this about dreams...

  • the mere fact that the idea came to mind and hasn't gone away is reason enough to investigate it

  • you don't have to know every aspect of how it will be get done before you start, you just need to start and trust that answers, direction and help will come as needed

  • carefully select one or two people who will hold you accountable to finishing what you start

  • you owe it to yourself to find the courage to see your dreams through

  • the easy part of having a dream is dreaming it, the hard part is bringing it to fruition

  • if you are serious and committed, God will meet you at your level of commitment