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How Are You Doing?

I have not written a blog post in a some time; not because I didn't have anything to say, but rather because I had too much to say. I'm a writer, a reader, a preacher, and a thinker. A million things are always on my mind. This is something I have come to accept. The other thing I have come to accept is my calling to care about humanity. From as far back as I can remember I have always had a soft spot for people being mistreated. It has always made me sad to hear of someone feeling unloved, unwanted or unattended to.

With so much going on in the world right now, I just could not go another day without saying I love you. I care about you. I pray you are well mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. I pray you are safe physically. I also pray that spiritually you are centered or doing your best to get there. Listen; I get it. There's a lot to deal with. There's a lot to take in. You can sometimes feel like you're drowning in all of the craziness that life can bring on any given day. There's the continued presence of blatant hatred, posturing and racism; the back to back suicides of the two celebrities. The caging of the immigrant children in Texas; the news media's insistence on inundating our psyche with an unhinged and reckless impostor of a president, and social media's relentless effort to convince us that we must indulge in its 24 hour cycle of rhetoric, drama and trauma.

All of this is more than our brain is built to process. Yet, we try to. We try to keep up. The question though is . . . at what cost? What is it costing us to give all of our attention to stuff we cannot control and to stuff that at the end of the day is controlling us in ways we don't even realize. More than going on a rampage, my intention for writing to you today is simply to remind you to take care of yourself. Take care of your mind. Take care of your heart. Be careful what you let it. Be careful who you let in. Be careful of how you're spending your time. Monitor how you're feeling. Don't ignore sad, lonely, disconnected feelings that linger too long.

In the last month I made the decision to change my relationship with social media as well as with my cell phone. These two things alone have made a huge difference. Although I felt pretty in control of my life, I also felt that I needed to do some things to be in even better control of my life--particularly my peace. I'm so grateful I listened to that still small voice inside of me graciously nudging me to take better care of myself.

You have that voice to . . . . Listen to it . . . . Honor it . . . . This way even if the world doesn't change for the better any time soon, you still can. I love you with my whole heart. Until next time, be well and do well.


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