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50 Years Ago Today...

I was just a baby. I was not yet a year old. I was too young to know the gravity of what happened when the sniper's bullet hit Dr. King and too innocent to feel the immediate vacancy of his big energy and influential voice. The years would go by, though, and I would grow up. In my growing up, I would grow to not only feel Dr. King's energy but also become acquainted with the power and influence that was his voice.

It did not take long for me to conclude that Dr. King was an incredible man who lived an incredible life. He was entrusted with a great deal of responsibility that he shouldered like a champ. Through all of the hatred he faced, he somehow managed to hang on to his beautiful smile and an eagerness to make a difference. Together, he and Coretta King set a precedent for family, hard work, class and poise. As we remember Dr. King today on the 50th Anniversary of his assassination I want to share a few things about his life that has inspired me with the hope that they may inspire you as well.

1. Dr. King lived for a cause. He was not a man going through the motions of life. He came to know his purpose early on, accepted it, and trusted that God would guide him as he sought to fulfill his calling in the earth.

2. Dr. King lived with conviction. Some said he was too serious. Some said he was too strong willed. Some said he was too passionate. The truth is he was grounded by and anchored in his conviction. Dr. King believed deeply in God. He was convinced that He was chosen by God. He trusted God's power as the sustaining force throughout his life and in his life's work.